BMAT or just the UCAT?

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BMAT Or Just UCAT? #

There are currently just 7 UK universities (including Oxford and Cambridge) asking for BMAT scores from UK applicants, and there are 30 wanting UCAT scores.  If all your chosen medical schools require the UCAT, do you need to sit the BMAT as well?  If you are not confident you will secure an offer from your first choices, you may find yourself using Extra choices, and if you haven’t got a BMAT score this could limit your options.

Who requires it?
30 UK medical schools
7 UK medical schools
When do you sit it?
26th July – 29th September 2021 (Before UCAS application deadline)
November 3rd 2021 only (After UCAS application deadline). .
Where can you sit it?
At a Pearson Vue test centre At an authorised test centre, usually your school or college
At an authorised test centre, usually your school or college.
What is the fee?
£75 £61 standard fee (+£34 for late registration)
Is help available to pay?
Bursary for full fee in cases of financial need; voucher issued.
Full reimbursement for proof of hardship, but pay first.
How long is the test?
2 hours
2 hours
What does it cover?
Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Situational Judgement, (All multiple choice).
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking, Scientific Knowledge, Written Communication Skills, (First two sections multiple choice, plus essay).
How many times can you sit the test?
Only once per year, starting in your final year of high school.
Only once per admissions cycle and results are only valid for 1 year.
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