BMAT Universities

The BMAT #

Pay close attention to how each university uses the test, not just overall but by section.

How Universities Use The BMAT #

The following UK universities use BMAT as a standard entry requirement for medicine.

University How Scores Are Used
Brighton & Sussex Medical School
Scores out of 28 (9 for sections 1 and 2, and 5 for each part of section 3). Applicants ranked by total score to fill interview places.
University of Cambridge
Considered alongside rest of application
Keele (International students only)
Used to select for interview for international fee status students only.
Lancaster University
Combines individual scores for sections (9 for sections 1 and 2, 5 for section 3 content, ignores quality of English element)
University of Leeds
No pre-determined cut-off threshold. Ranked scores only give half weighting to section 3 as this will be explored further at interview.
Imperial College, London
Uses total BMAT score to rank applicants for available interview places.
University College, London
Does not use as cut-off but high scores will strengthen application. Essay will be discussed in interview.
University of Oxford
Uses BMAT and GCSE results to shortlist same number of candidates each year. A strong BMAT score can offset poor GCSE results and vice versa.
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