Access and Representation

Every institution has a duty to ensure that young people from all groups and communities enjoy equal access and representation within their student body

Royal Colleges Medical Pathways
For Schools

A complete virtual event with the Royal Colleges of Medicine and Surgery
At your school for free: click here

All of the following is included:

  • Complete virtual event

    Your event but we will take care of all technical aspects for free.

  • Held on the dates and times of your choosing

    Flexibility is central so we will work around your dates and times.

  • From live Zoom to pre-recorded webinars

    We will run the above - adding any additional features you want - such as presentation specifically designed for students from low income families to under-represented communities.

  • Interactive Sessions

    Presented by the Royal College of Psychiatrists with more to be added.

  • Ask Questions

    As sessions progress students ask questions which will be answered by the Royal Colleges.

  • The virtual event is only the start!

    This event will connect your school to the Royal Colleges, medical schools and further amazing opportunities, including support and mentoring.

The timetable below shows the event webinars with their timings. There is complete flexibility over which events run and at what time. So the virtual event could be run in a single day or across several days.
The only caveat is that we would need to prepare a live session for the invited medical school.
Timing Title and Institution
Suggest Time 7- 10 mins
Introduction from the school (optional)
Length - 30 mins
Royal College of Surgeons: Pathways to surgery for future medical students
Length - 25 mins
Royal College of Pathology: The role of applied science in medicine - pathologists the medical detectives
Length - 20 mins
UCAT: The very latest advice and support from the UCAT team
Length - 20 mins
Medlink: Create your digital footprint today by making your own free blog, sharing your thoughts on science and medicine with the world
Length - 50 mins
Guest Medical School: Medical school applications - what it takes to succeed
Length - 30 mins for presentation and around 20-30 mins for the interactive session (can be done at a different time to main presentation)
Royal College of Psychiatry: Five reasons why choose psychiatry - followed by an interactive online diagnostic quiz to test personal skills
Suggest Time 7- 10 mins
Close optional:  A promotional video of the school here, again this is optional

Royal Colleges Virtual Event

Send me information so that my school can connect with the Royal Colleges and medical schools starting with the free virtual event.

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