Online Event Attendee Registration Agreement And Use of Our Site


Attendance at our events is free unless otherwise stated, with additional services charged as indicated exclusive of VAT currently set at 20%. No refunds for paid services can be given after 30 days.

The Promise of Service.

Whilst we will do all possible to ensure that presentations are delivered on time, as advertised, it should be understood that we are unable to guarantee against technical failure neither can we guarantee that presentations will be as advertised and presentations and times may be changed without notice should circumstances dictate.

Recording of Events

Recording any part of the event is forbidden unless written permission of Medlink is obtained in advance of the event. 


The judge’s decision in any of our events competitions is final. Each competition will be accompanied by its own specific terms and conditions which must be agreed to. Anyone violating these specific conditions will forfeit their right to enter or continue with the competition or claim any prizes. 

Medlink Live Events

Vouchers for the live event may only be used if you have attended the live event in person. They are viable for 12 months from your registration, may only be used once and are not transferable.

No refunds are available for travel issues. The programme as advertised may change without notice if circumstances dictate.

Event Exhibitors

We take steps to only invite reputable organisations to our events, but before entering into any agreement with an exhibitor for their services, you should perform your own due diligence as to their suitability. Medlink is not responsible for third parties ability to deliver their services as promised. You accept that you enter agreements at your own risk. 

Links To external Websites.

Once you leave the Medlink website, Medlink is unable to guarantee the veracity of the information on external websites and you should always perform your own due diligence.

Future Events

Our goal is to provide you with the very best in free information. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are automatically a member of all future free events and do not have to re-sign into them, though the terms and conditions signed here still apply.


We use cookies to accompany visitors around the site, to ensure the best experience for you.

Sharing Your email details

Though we work with medical schools to help you win a place, we have full respect for your privacy. Your details will not be shared with them or any organisation unless we have your express permission to do so. 


Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights including GDPR. We do reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice and recommend that you review them on future visits to our website and events.


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