Lancaster University Medical School

At Lancaster Medical School, we strive to create resilient, work-ready medical practitioners who are confident in themselves and confident in questioning the future direction of healthcare provision.

We want future healthcare to be aligned with the backgrounds and needs of the communities it serves. This means not only striving for excellence in research and academic standards, but also examining the factors that contribute to positive health for everyone.

As a young medical school in a high-ranking, forward-looking university, Lancaster has the autonomy to focus on the unfolding health needs of the population, at the local, national and global level. We are passionate about inspiring future generations to address health inequalities. We believe firmly that our doctors should represent their communities; that they should come from as wide a range of backgrounds as the people they treat. Our commitment to this and to widening access and participation to Medicine is a fundamental part of who we are.

Our community of academics, clinicians, and students is incredibly friendly and supportive. As a team, we nurture talent to bring out the full potential of our students.

Our students learn to take a holistic approach to medicine, to explore health from all sides. And there is no part of our teaching where book learning happens in isolation. We combine problem-based learning and clinical placements with teaching from academics and clinicians.  You should come to us armed with practical skill sets and plenty of self-discipline, as well as academic excellence.

One question we will always ask of you, whichever medical career you choose: what impact will you have on health?

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