Veterinary Medicine at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies is an international leader in education, research and practice.

The School was founded in 1823 by William Dick. It is recognised as an international leader in veterinary education, research and practice, and is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the United Kingdom and globally.

Our purpose-built campus, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Pentland Hills Regional Park, is home to more than eight hundred staff and almost fourteen hundred students, all of whom contribute to our exceptional community ethos.

We represent the largest concentration of animal science related expertise in Europe, impacting local, regional, national and international communities in terms of economic growth, the provision of clinical services and the advancement of scientific knowledge. All of these factors allow us to continue to attract the highest calibre of teaching staff, scientists and clinicians in order to foster and enhance our collaborative environment, which sustains and expands our links with partners and industry.

The Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

We offer two Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVM&S) degrees.

The first, our main entry into the profession, is a five-year programme for students pursuing standard entry into undergraduate study. We also offer an accelerated, four-year graduate entry programme (GEP) for applicants with a relevant degree in biological or animal science.

Both programmes result in the qualification of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, and enable graduates to register as veterinary surgeons all around the world.

We are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc (AVBC) and the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC).

Our graduates can practise veterinary medicine throughout the UK, Europe, North America, Australasia and South Africa. The BVM&S is the equivalent of the North American Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), with the same standing worldwide.

Our programmes are designed to train and prepare you for a career as a veterinary practitioner in general practice or in a specialised field such as small animal, farm animal, equine or exotic animal practice. They also prepare you for further training in a specialised clinical field.

Opportunities exist for you to get involved in wildlife disease prevention, endangered species conservation, government service or livestock husbandry education in the developing world.

You can also pursue a research career. The School incorporates the Roslin Institute, which, with the Moredun Research Institute and Scotland’s Rural College, is a member of the Easter Bush Research Consortium – representing one of the world’s highest concentrations of animal scientists.

While many of our graduates enter and remain within the veterinary profession for life many others find that their training at Edinburgh enables them to succeed in a wide range of careers in research, government, private enterprise and academia.

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